Sheffield WoodTurning


Segmented Wood Turning

 Segmented Wood Turnings are constructed from carefully cut pieces of wood that are glued into rings. The woodturner is able to manipulate the pieces of wood to produce a mosaic of contrasting color and limitless form bound only by the artist’s creativity.  

Natural WoodTurning

 Natural Wood Turnings are created from a solid piece of wood. The inimitable properties embodied in this abundant medium ultimately reveal an expression of the wood, the artist, and our creator. 

Wood Lathe Steady Rest

 The Sheffield WoodTurning professional grade wood lathe steady rest is designed to fit your 24", 22", 20", 18", 16" or 12" swing lathe. The steady rests are essential lathe tools for the wood turner, helping reduce vibration caused by the natural flexibility of wood. This multipurpose wood turning tool provides support for natural and segmented turning, bowls, hollow forms and spindle work, and will greatly increase safety for the wood turner.